Staff and Students

Jennifer J. Charles-Tollerup

Educational Online Program Developer

Teresa A. Nelson

Educational Online Program Writer

Jose Andrade

Computer Resources Specialist/Registration Coordinator

Gayle Crisosto – Specialist

Research Interests: Sensory analysis of fresh fruit in relation to postharvest fruit quality with the goal to deliver high quality fresh stone fruit, table grapes, kiwifruit, cherries, figs and blueberries to the consumer.

Current Project: Establishing a tree fruit trained panel evaluation sensory tool to evaluate pre and postharvest technology on consumer acceptance. Descriptive analysis will be used to describe sensory damaged fruit such as soft, mealy, “off flavor” or texture changes in fruit treated and untreated during postharvest handling. At the same time, ‘in store’ consumer tests will be used to evaluate the impact of these sensory damaged attributes on consumer acceptance.